~ An Hour With You~

Waiting On The Rainbow

I sat and waited on the rain that day,
to fall down from above,
the sky was dark, the clouds were gray,
in my heart was full of love,

when the rain falls from the sky,
happiness will start to flow,
tears falling from my eye,
in hopes to see the rainbow,

So many storms I will overcome in time,
and rain will wash them all away,
these storms I'll keep, they are mine,
and remember them on a sunny day,

I watch the clouds pass by me,
and hear the silence of rain drops,
enjoying the splendor of what I see,
as the rain slowly stops,

After the clouds disappear,
and the sun starts to shine,
a rainbow starts to appear,
and the beauty etched in my mind.

Christina U. Lowman©



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Music: "As The Clouds Pass On By"

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