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Victory Over Death

It’s almost Easter time,
When my Savior rose from the grave,
When I think of that glorious day,
My heart rejoices so full of praise.

Without the resurrection of Jesus,
There would be no victory over death.
But, on the third day He rose up from the grave,
He made the way to pay our debt.

Never had He sinned, not once,
But paid the price for all,
For mankind committed the sins,
That nailed Him to the cross.

Nails, nailed down His feet together,
And nails were through His hands,
His side was pierced where blood poured out,
While men stood watching from the ground.

They mocked and scourged Him,
And asked He save Himself,
But Jesus knew the price that He must pay,
The price for mankind’s sin, He knew it must be kept.

On Easter morning as the sun does rise,
I’ll remember Him on that day,
That Jesus paid the sacrificial price,
To provide for us a way.

Because He overcame death, hell, and the grave,
And made a way for all,
We’ll have a home in glory,
To those who answer to His call

Faye Reyenga©
1 / 1 / 2006

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