~ An Hour With You~

Too beautiful is God's beauty,
To grasp in a heart at one time,
Reflections of His love surround,
In the gleaming waters sublime.

How lovely are the petals bloom,
Sweet colors of perfection glow,
As the Lord's preciousness renders,
Softness from His love to bestow.

Too beautiful is God's beauty,
That presents and forever shines,
The breath of Him is ever sweet,
Such Magnificence breathes designs.

The Presence of God is quite clear,
View His Glory as it is shone,
Such resplendent light heavenly,
Is Divine and most of all known.

Too beautiful is God's beauty,
As the rippling waters reflect,
A display of wondrous sparkle,
And purity of love perfect.

Godís grandness we can see always,
As our hearts and eyes do behold,
A flawlessness in Creation,
Every day light aims to unfold.

©Sondra McPherson
12 February 2006

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Music: "Too Beautiful"

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