~ An Hour With You~

Today With Jesus

Although the days are long and weary
We can trust in Jesus to see us through,
God gives each day a new beginning,
So we start again and make things new.

God is bigger than all our problems
All we have to do is lay it at His feet,
And with our hearts we'll praise Him,
For all our needs He will meet.

We need to toil hard to make heaven
Sending up prayers each day to the throne,
From up above the Father watches over you,
He is our refuge and His promises are true.

We don't need a special time to spread cheer
For everyday is special and God given,
He depends on us, His love to share,
Not just one day but all through the year.

This wonderful friend my helper so true
He loves me and stays by my side,
His Love for me is oh.... So sweet,
I trust in Him what 'er betide.

God is our souls strong refuge
He will protect us through this journey,
If you are searching for higher things,
Just fix your eyes upon the coming King.

When my time on earth is ended
And the storms will be no more,
I'll stand in His beautiful presence,
On God's Celestial peaceful shore!

©Bernice Ward

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Music: "Oh How I Love Jesus"
Joyful Noise Music
Performed By: Joy Hardin
Used With Permission