~ An Hour With You~

This Scentís A Rose

Miracles are Godís amazing grace,
And we never know when Heís,
Recreating a part new and fresh,
Heís Lord and does to appease.

He gives the love that flows in many,
Reaching out to me and those,
Who may need restored in some way new,
Just believe this scentís a rose.

We are His children here on this Earth,
And accept His Will be done,
We may not always understand all,
But love and cling to the Son.

He is the heart of us in sweetness,
And His fragrance ever flows,
Whether the scent of a strawberry,
An apple or luscious rose.

We wonder with an awe in His love,
ĎTis amazing grace always,
Miracles and fragrances He gives,
ĎBide and adorn us all days.

This scentís a rose from my Lord to me,
In seconds I know Heís here,
Visiting in His sweet loving way,
How I love Him Oh so dear.

©Sondra McPherson
18 April 2006


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Sequenced By: Dan West
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