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This Old House

This old house was once my home,
Though the roof is falling in and pretty much gone,
The porch is falling through and windows out,
I still think of it as Home.

It takes much more than a worn out roof,
And porches falling through,
To take away those memories,
For they belong to you.

Time changes things as we grow older,
Years have gone and we know not where.
But that old house remains the same,
In our hearts, of memories there.

That old tree that stood out front,
Brought so much pleasure as we grew,
The made up games we always played,
The only games we knew.

I still can see that big pine Christmas tree,
Standing lit in our front door.
We always cut our own Christmas trees,
It was all we could afford.

But we always made the best of it,
For after all it really was our Christmas.
Who dare to be discouraged or unhappy,
On the day of the birth of Jesus.

Faye ReyengaŠ
3 / 31 / 2006

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