~An Hour With You~

Thinking Of You

Moonlight desires and laughter,
our time together, when we would meet.
It wasn't enough for me any longer,
I wanted more from our love....so bittersweet.

The emptiness that I felt inside,
that void in my life, that I wanted you to fill.
Holding tight onto something that I couldn't have,
how often I wished, if only time had stood still.

You never knew that I was leaving,
truth is at the time...neither did I.
The only thing that I knew in my heart, it was over,
all it had been our romance, a foolish lie.

I never did get the chance to say goodbye,
I walked away and behind I left you.
Stepping aside and letting you go,
was the hardest thing, that I've had to do.

I still find myself in quiet moments,
thinking back, when there was a....you and me.
But no matter how hard I pictured us,
a future, I just couldn't see.

How the littlest things stir up old memories,
that were not easy, for me to forget.
Even though things never worked out for us,
what we did share, I hold no regret.

As I remember the precious moments in my life,
I think of a love, I wanted so badly to be true.
Tonight, I lay here alone in the darkness,
and I'm just....
Thinking Of You.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 8 ~ 2006©



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Music: "Endless Love"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission