~ An Hour With You~


What a wondrous book we hold today
He wants nothing added to or nothing taken away
He is Alpha the beginning and Omega the end
With all rights reserved, Jesus will be our friend

Yes, my Master holds the copyright
To a precious work of art
The clock is swiftly ticking
Make sure you bear His mark

For Jesus is coming back
We know not the day or hour
He will be coming on a cloud of glory
Oh, glorious is His power

This book's cover one may destroy
Your choice to be saved or lost
But in between the Words are eternal
Its truth will stand when the world's on fire
Be ready to go when we see Jesus
Coming in the air

Sometimes you can read this book
And Jesus will be there
With tears a rolling
Then there's not a worry or care

Other times it is as a closed book
Our mind seems to drift away
It's then we steal away and pray
For when we read with His spirit
He turns nightness into day

Some may say it's too complicated
My understanding is too small
By many this book is underrated
For it's made for one and all

It takes His word to lead and guide
For if in this book we fail to obey
In the end we'll want to run and pray
We'll want the rocks and mountains
To hide us from His face
Be ready to go, be filled with His grace

It's the greatest book I know
How the love on the pages sometime flow
Although it is copyrighted
He wants it to be freely owned
To all, wherever we may roam

For it was written by holy men
When the spirit was moved upon
It holds the words of life eternal
Get acquainted with Jesus
And make Heaven your home

This great book is called the Holy Bible
Its word is freely given
To know the author
Means heavenly living...
Yes, I believe I know the author
I believe I met Him one day
What an awesome King
The day I feel He took my sins away

May the minister be the publisher
As a God chosen role
May JESUS be our Author
Who saves our dying soul
God wrote the book of life eternal
Come and meet the King
He will make you rejoice and sing
He will make salvation reign...

Danna Robinette©





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Music: "Father Along"
Midis-Mickey Gentle
At Laura's Midi Heaven

Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission