~ An Hour With You~

The Quilt Box

When I was just a child, I knew so much despair.
I wondered why life dealt such blows to someone needing care.
Too young to know a lot that happened, but learned in later years,
But still remember many things, no child should ever endure.

I remember my only pet that meant so much to me,
And yet she died from someoneís hand of cruelty.
I remember the hunger we felt at times, for life back then was tough.
I loved my dad, he worked so hard, and yet he drank a lot.

Our life could have been much easier if it hadnít been for that,
But now I must look forward, and put that in the past.
Why dwell on things we cannot change, when life is full of joy,
I can see the old home place the way it looked before.

A hall as dark as night, and a quilt box in the corner,
Was my place of refuge until the fear was over.
I stayed there petrified in my own little private corner,
And no one knowing where I was, hidden under a cover.

Iíd watched him stumble down the street, defeated by this vice,
And heard him shout some words that weren't so very nice.
I feared him so; I stayed away, till he was fast asleep,
Then Iíd slip out from my private corner, as quite as I could be.

We could have dressed much nicer, had a better place to stay,
But life for us was misery, we knew no other way.
God allows things to happen that we may grow in Him,
If life was all so easy we could not learn from them.

In spite of all my fears and anger, I really love my dad,
Because you see, he made mistakes, but wasnít really bad.
He worked so hard and paid his debts, and as honest as he could be,
He also made his peace with God, for life eternally.

Faye Reyenga ~ © ~ 1998

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