~ An Hour With You~

I sit upon the rocks at the shore's edge,
Thinking of the letter you sent today,
Sharing with me in the form of farewell,
Just words on paper, you've gone away.

I watch the sun sinking in yon horizon,
As it slowly moves from my sight,
The hope and dreams we've shared,
Have suddenly gone, forever taking flight.

I watch the last rays of the sun disappear,
Darkness penetrates the evening view,
My heart is shattered nothing left intact,
How will I live tomorrow without you?

What caused the last rays of the sun,
To set upon a love nurtured and true,
Was love a game that's now grown old,
Receding from your heart, biding adieu?

Why leave without so much as a goodbye,
Only paper with words coldly written,
Callous and with feelings null and void,
Sweeping away a lifetime of commitment.

I reread the words of deafening silence,
Searing and final, hurtful actions done,
You have gone away taking my heart,
Love vanished with the last rays of the sun.

Gayle Davis©
22 April 2006


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By: Bruce Deboer
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