~ An Hour With You~


The heart of me ever remembers,
The very being of my soul,
Sees only too well weíll never be,
Our love lost will never be whole.

Everlasting love so close yet far,
Exists now in the memories,
Ever is the love of you stirring,
The window of my soul to please.

The heart of me ever breathes your love,
The image of desire too strong,
Every lingering moment reveals,
Our love lost longing to belong.

I remember us, our loving ways,
The sweetness of your loving kiss,
The touch of passionís eyes upon mine,
The eyes to my soul savor bliss.

The heart of me ever remembers,
Our love lost is ever too real,
Every longing momentís a vision,
Our everlasting love we feel.

©Sondra McPherson
11 March 2006

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Music: "Everlasting Love" Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano
Used With Permission
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