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The Gold Rose Of Heaven

Thereís a rose so full of splendor,
Its beauty has yet to unfold,
Itís waiting up in heaven for us,
When its time for us to go.

This rose has a radiant beauty,
With an everlasting glow,
This rose will last forever,
And never decay or grow old.

I will give you this rose in heaven,
And be waiting at the gate,
To welcome you to see Jesus,
You may have a little to wait.

No beauty has ever been shown,
Of this golden rose so fair,
It's sweeter then all the lilies,
So unique and very rare.

This rose had the rarest beauty,
Thatís been ever known by man,
This rose will be everlasting; forever,
It was made by Jesus' own hands.

Ann Hart©
December 10, 2005

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Music: "Wonderful Peace"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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