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  The Crossing

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The cross .....was just what it states
Pieces of wood crossing one another
Wonder which of us would contemplate
Hanging on that cross, for his brother

Did the two pieces of wood signify
The believers, and Gentile there
It didn't matter, doomed to die
On this wood crossing, His side to sear
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One piece of wood, to stretch His arms
The other piece...held His body secure
Just two pieces of wood crossing
No need...... for anything more

Yes, there was the crossing of His feet
One foot, placed atop of the other
Yet the love He had for us, so sweet
Thinking of nails pounding, I shudder
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When His spirit Let go, and crossed
A wonderful thing, He achieved
It gained, a crossing into Heaven
For all of those ....who believed

Judith Johnson©
Copyright © 2006

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Music: "At Calvary"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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