~ An Hour With You~


The Book Of Life

Thereís a Lambís open book in Heaven
May today you seek His face,
If your name is not written there,
You will miss His amazing Grace.

Just listen again as He turns the pages
Hoping now to find your name,
He is searching now----one more time,
I pray He will call your name right after mine.

More beautiful than Gold is His precious book
Inside these pages we learn of His love,
It is our guide, though the hills may tumble,
God's word will stand, the earth will crumble.

Iíll be waiting just inside the Eastern Gate
Keep your eyes on Jesus no time to waste,
My heart hurts as I see my Savior's face,
My friend, reach for Jesus, Do not hesitate!

Bernice Ward








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Music: "Put Your Faith In God's Word"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission


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