~ An Hour With You~

The Astronaut
(Forty-four years ago)

Listen my children, as hard as you can
and I'll tell you the story of Astronaut Glenn
On the 20th of February, in the year "62
at nine forty-seven - with a sky oh-so-blue

The countdown was zero - the condition was "go"
The rockets ignited - the rise started slow
Then it gained in momentum and it gained in height
To watch it on course was a beautiful sight

The hopes of the world were with him that day
And I'm sure they all took a moment to pray
His voice on the phone came through calm and clear
and his confidence told us he had no fear

So he orbited the earth in his craft "Friendship 7"
Three times around - up in space - close to heaven
Then he settled at last in the waves of the ocean
As the ships and the planes started up into motion

He emerged from the capsule on the deck of a ship
just over four hours to the end of his trip
In the future these trips will be taken again
Thanks to that ride by a Colonel John Glenn

(Written for my Daughter Beverly on April 29, 1962)

Mr. Doug

April 29, 1962


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