~ An Hour With You~



The Angel Prayed

What's happening here?
The body is weak,
He cannot breathe,
He cannot speak,
His vision dims-
The light goes down-
His world is dark--
The Angel frowns-

We're at his side--
He doesn't know-
We beg him stay-
Please, please don't go.
He hears from whatever place he's in-
But cannot respond--
To our chagrin.
The Angel bows his head-

From deep inside he sees a spark-
Just a pinpoint in the dark--
Silently he cries in disbelief-
"They need me, Lord;
I cannot sleep.
Forgive me Father,
I know I've erred,
please send me back
to the life we shared".
The Angel sighed------

At first a whisper,
Wonderful and rare,
As many lift their voices in prayer,
Now our God knows that they all care;
Their fervent wish is that he stay--
The Angel prayed---

21 days after he succumbed
To the pounding of death's drums,
He opens his eyes and looks around,
Seeing light and hearing sound---
"You know I heard the Angels sing
To the glory of GOD and the life he brings;
And then I heard another sound
And light began glowing all around--

A ponderous voice saying
"You have to go;
You're still needed down below"
I guess I'll stick around for a while-----
The Angel smiled

ęBetty C. Daniels
May 21, 1998
After a true miracle occurred



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Music: "Beyond the Sunset=no. 1"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission


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