An Hour With You~*~Tender Moments~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Tender Moments

So many tender moments
shared between you and I.
Hearts filled with passion
as years continue to go by.

How to explain the magic
of two people intertwined.
Forever together blended,
as if by someone's design.

Our hearts beating as one
throughout all of the days.
Lingering moments for us
to exchange a lovers gaze.

Constantly near your side
wanting to feel your touch.
Held softly in loving arms
which mean so very much.

Talking of love in spring,
when we first said, "I do"
Pledging our love forever
two hearts to remain true.

Both then so very young
and we could not be sure.
How this love we shared
would survive and endure.

All of these years melted
feeling like just yesterday.
Giving a love completely
time could not wear away.

Our hair has turned gray
lines now crease our face.
A vibrant love remaining
eternally staying in place.

This love bringing forth,
memories for us to begin.
Precious times protected
in our hearts deep within.

Brenda Sparkman ©
February 20, 2006

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Music: "An Affair To Remember"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
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