~ An Hour With You~

Tell Them Today

See each moment as a treasure
Life goes by so very fast
Feelings are so hard to measure
Love is strong, and it will last

Take some time to chat and visit
Love your family, call your friends
Seize the moment, never miss it
Sharing brings such dividends

Ask yourself this simple question
What would Jesus say and do?
Serving is a wise suggestion
Take it from His point of view

He is Loving and Forgiving
Gives us Grace we cannot earn
Turns Existing into Living
Showing care and deep concern

We can also bless those near us
Bringing Joy into their hearts
As we let them know they cheer us
With their insight and their smarts

We can always say, “I Love you”
And “I’m sorry” - “It’s my fault”
I am with you, not above you
Let’s be seasoned with the salt

Let’s not waste a single second
In the days we spend on earth
Who can tell or know or reckon
What a loving hug is worth

So spread hope and joy and blessing
To your family and your friends
To the mark, you’re ever pressing
Where Affection Never Ends !!!

©Jim Lake

1 Corinthians 13:13 There are three things
that remain – Faith, Hope, and Love – and
the greatest of these is Love.


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Music: "Go Tell Them"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission