~ An Hour With You~

Summers Splendor

A faint pleasant fragrance,
of lilac lingers.
It drifts through the warm,
inviting breeze.

The splendor of a butterfly,
at last emerging into the unknown,
for the very first time.
A Sunflower, as if on tip toes,
tries with all its might.

But no matter how hard it tries,
it cannot touch the sky.
Shooting stars,
quickly cross over the Milky Way.

Hand in hand lovers,
wish upon them.
Of all their hopes,
and dreams of tomorrow.

Glowing fire flies,
playfully dashing about.
Just over the tips,
of golden summers wheat.

Chasing each other, as if playing,
a simple child's game of tag.
The brook,
now sings a lullaby.

It drowns out,
all the hectic noises of life.
Bringing with it,
peace and comfort.

It's reward to all those,
who are willing to listen.
A morsel of,
Summers Splendor.

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ
Copyright: 2005

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Music: "Imagine"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission



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