~ An Hour With You~


Springs Rebirth

The air is crisp and fresh.
The great Willow,
now dons fuzzy pussy willows.
A sign of promise,
of new growth to come.

The lake is swollen,
and over flowing.
The last tell tale signs of winter,
still melting.
Soon to be forgotten,
for yet another year.

A song bird sings cheerfully,
to greet the dawn's morning light.

A new bear cub,
playfully sways behind it's mother.
Eyes wide open,
to a bright new world.
It will soon learn,
the hardships of life.

The grass, soon to be,
a rich shade of emerald.
All part of the Master's plan of,
Springs Rebirth.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey




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Music: "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission