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Spring Is Finally Here

When spring arrives new life shall awaken,
and rejuvenate in all of its glorified splendor.
The birds shall rejoice in the dawning of morn,
singing songs of joy and praise they'll happily surrender.

The sun shall shine down brilliantly,
and the wildflowers won't be able to help but peek.
With lifted faces towards the Heavens they will bloom full,
as they bathe within the warmth that they will seek.

The nurturing gentle spring rains shall fall,
giving life to all living creations.
It will draw out new life from the sleeping willow,
like it always has, for so many generations.

The soft breeze will tickle the flowing rippled brook,
making it bubble over with laughter.
It will make a comforting, pleasing and tranquil sound,
that so many have always sought after.

The fragrance of clover and wildflowers,
will be soft, infused and sweet.
The crest of the hills will be lush and green,
making a plush carpet beneath my feet.

When all these things surely come to pass,
which in our hearts we all hold so dear.
Then unmistakably and with out a doubt we'll know,
Spring Is Finally Here.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
ŠApril ~ 26 ~ 2006





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Music: "Midnight Blue"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission