~ An Hour With You~

The lovely Snow Angel all aglow,
Is sprinkling Earth in purity,
All over it glistens with a sheen,
Godís cover from Eternity.

Gaze upon the pureness of the snow,
Love sparkles white and clean to glow,
Each snow flake is brand new and yet true,
Redemptionís nigh, God will bestow.

Such purity falls from Heavenís door,
And Snow Angel begins to sing,
From timeless existence there is joy,
Salvation reigns, Jesus does bring.

The lovely Snow Angel sings of Love,
Faithful Abiding Love who waits,
To fill your hearts everlastingly,
So we will meet at Heavenís Gates.

Gaze upon the brightness of each snow,
See Love sprinkling over and through,
Freshness in purity is Godís song,
Ringing from Heavenís Door to you.

©Sondra McPherson
16 January 2006



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