~ An Hour With You~

Emerging from your spun cocoon,
into the night you soar.
With an opened sense of freedom,
that you have never felt before.

Silently you flutter,
as you are beaconed by a glow.
From an ivory full moon,
you overcast, gliding to and fro.

So beautiful and exquisite,
as you spread your wings and fly.
The moonlight so becomes you,
as you float across the sky.

Not a single sound you make,
as you gingerly, go along your way.
Enjoying the moon beams of the night,
before the break of day.

Riding upon the soft warm breeze,
your gilt-edged wings lift you.
So many strange and different things,
to you they're all brand new.

Free-spirited and free-willed,
as you bask within the limelight.
You disappear after romancing the moon,
like a darkened mysterious,
Shadow In The Night.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey

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Music: "House Of The Rising Sun"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission