~ An Hour With You~


You made me believe in hopes and dreams.
Our love never fading, as time goes by.
Together we have wished upon shooting stars,
in the special shared moments, between you and I.

We have walked along the shore line,
hand and hand like all lovers do.
Under the starlight, you leaned over and kissed me.
It was at that moment, in my heart that I knew.

You had fallen in love with me,
and I had fallen for you.
It's been twenty years together,
our love strong, tried and true.

I have so often wondered about,
the chance meeting between you and me.
Was it just plain luck or fate,
or simply put,

Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 4 ~ 2006


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Music: "It's In His Kiss"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission