~ An Hour With You~

 Sands Of Time

The sands of time can exert a large part,
For damage done to our mind and heart.
You must remember to always be aware,
Keep true self respect, proving you care.

Over the years stay close to your family,
Know there are times you will disagree.
Remarkable times to all spend together,
Stored in memories for stormy weather.

Those memories you build last forever,
And really doesnít take much endeavor.
Little things can be done for each other,
Filling up some empty space in another.

Sometimes right in things you may say,
Better left unsaid if it ruins another day.
Give instead a hug or show a nice smile,
Lifting up our spirits for at least a while.

Donít worry, fuss or fight on all things,
It is not worth it for the stress it brings.
Try to be positive and let peace prevail,
Believe and trust and you shall not fail.

How we shall handle the sands of time,
This test given without reason or rhyme.
Embracing every man as if your brother,
Not caring for now the race of the other.

Never hide behind the face of a clown,
Your honest feelings will let you down.
When this mask you try to hide behind,
People will know for they are not blind.

God forever the teacher is always there,
Helping every person to finally prepare.
We each have our own equal part to do,
The final choice stays with me and you.

© Brenda Sparkman
January 3, 2006

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