~ An Hour With You~


Rose Fairy

As the rose opened it's heart,
I catch a glimpse of something rare.
Unbeknownst to you,
I see you hiding there.

Among the dewdrops that have magically,
turned into pearls of white.
How lustrous they gleam,
beneath the warm sunlight.

Such a mystical little thing,
awestruck, I gaze upon you.
So delicate and intriguing,
and so adorable too.

With the cutest pointed ears,
upon your head bowed low.
As you slowly rise,
you shed a soft light glow.

A song of solitude,
your voice so softly sings.
Once upon your feet,
you unfold your tiny wings.

I stand there still and quiet,
afraid to frighten you away.
Such a magical moment,
that brightened up my day.

With you standing there,
how enchanting is the view.
"You are welcomed to stay"
in a whisper I say to you.

"Upon this beautiful rose,
you may stay forevermore"
"For I have never seen anything,
quite like you before"
But......It was too late,
for I must of startled you.

You flapped your tiny wings,
and into the air you flew.
Into the north eastern wind,
these words I say, will carry.

"Will I ever see you again,
my whimsical little,
Rose Fairy".

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
March ~ 25 ~ 2006


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Music: "Love Will Always Keep Us Alive"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission