~ An Hour With You~

Rest In The Lord

Lord I want to rest in your presence
I love to stay awhile to pray,
To tell You always, that I love You,
Thanks for all, You brought me through.

You have been my help and keeper
Through each trial that I went through,
You said, "Always lean upon me my Child."
I'll never, leave or forsake you.

Moments I spend within Your care
Knowing that You are reaching out,
Showing me always Your special love,
God sends His best on the wings of a dove.

Just tell the world what I have done
Show to others, that you love My Son,
Daily pray that they will seek for Me,
Your work on earth is never done.

Bernice Ward©


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Music: "Lord Forever In Your Presence"

By: Elton Smith,
Norma Stephenson and Larry Holder
Used With Permission


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