~ An Hour With You~


Shy, do you remember the day we went out to eat,
But before we got there we ran into Karen and Judie
At that adorable little Fancy Bath shoppe?
So we all decided to go on a shopping spree?

My goodness what fun we had that day!
We lingered there at that place for hours.
She had soooo many unusual things to see!
She even had beautiful vases of dried flowers!

Before we left in came Gayle, Donna, Sondra, Evelyn, Tina
Marie, Andrea, Carolyn, Glenna, and My goodness, Jimmy too!
Now I have always wondered how they got him to go that day.
Think they said they'd go to Lowe's before they were through?

I really thought he'd feel out of place, but nope he had a ball!
Oh, the memories of that day will linger on for awhile.
Every time I think of Gayle sitting there in that tub, being so silly
I can't help laughing at how she looked with that big ol' smile!

When finally we all decided to go on and find a place to eat
The place we decided on was a little cafe on top of the hill.
The tables were outside on the little patio overlooking the city,
And over in the corner where they cooked steaks, was a grill.

We pushed tables together so all of us would have a place to sit.
As we sat down, remember who came to join us there that day?
There was Nann, Debbie, two Mary's, Tam, Gloria, Joan, Christine,
Jo Ann, all out shopping and stopped to eat before going on their way.

A couple of minutes later up the street came Dede, Doede, Ann,
Dee, Sharon, John, Judy, Nancy, Carol, Jeannie, Coco, Angel, Jasy,
And then Eddie came walking in with his wife, and they ate with us.
We all agreed we had a wonderful day on our shopping spree!

What a day it would be If we could all sit down together.
Someday we will my friends, and what a day that will be,
When our Jesus we will see, and sit down with each other.
It will be so wonderful to see you all, don't you agree?


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Music: "Memories Are Made Of This"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission