~ An Hour With You~

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Our Intimate Moments We Share.....
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I feel your breath on my neck and I tingle with delight,
your hand touching my body, in the moon light,
Your kisses are sweet, sending shivers to my soul,
making me feel complete, making our love feel whole,
our hearts beating so fast and racing through,
our body taking over telling our mind what to do.
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Kissing me all over, taking my body and grabbing hold,
feeling what I am feeling, as our bodies mold,
telling me you love me in my ear,
are words I love to hear,
Feeling your love run through my spine,
knowing deep inside you are mine.
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Hearts racing, unable to control the passion inside,
moving our bodies in a slow romantic stride,
the feel of your warm hands touching me,
sends me into a deep fantasy.
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After 10 years of marriage, and all we've been through,
I can still get these same feelings from you,
The passion in our hearts may never die,
I love you more now and this is why.
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Christina U. Lowman©

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Music: "Cycle Of Life"
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