~ An Hour With You~


I write this poem to You Lord
Wanting it to be, one of my best
Sending up to You, all my praises
Or I shall know .... No rest

I want to thank You for this day
And what, You provide for me
Air I breathe, the sun on my face
Billowing clouds, so lovely to see

I hope never, to take for granted
Everything that You have supplied
Especially Your gift ... the "Holy Spirit"
And it's in my heart, He resides

The beauty You have created
Is so bountiful, here on earth
I think though, it couldn’t compare
To Heavens beauty, joy and mirth

You have such patience toward me
Your forgiveness, is out of sight
It's Your strength that I lean on
Keeping me through, day and night

I strive so hard to please You
Having Your approval on everything
I want to live according to Your will
And continuous praises, I’ll sing

I express to You, my appreciation
My very most "King" on high
I will patiently await that great day
We’ll meet together... In the sky!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright ©1998
Revised 2006©




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Music: "Just As I Am"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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