~ An Hour With You~

New Little Angel

Iím just a new little Angel
Looking down from heaven above
Iím suppose to help Godís children
And to show them Godís great love

Pray for them and protect them
Always staying by their side
But my main job is to remind them
Of Godís gracious magnificent love

Iím not very old you see
Just beginning my new angelic life
My wings now are kind of small
But I know they will grow in my life

As I continue my heavenly life
You know itís kind of scary
For someone little and new like me
To be given so much responsibility

God said, some people may need me
More than others at different times
To help protect them, and keep them safe
From themselves and their enemies

I know I am equipped to handle it
For God has made me so very strong
So I guess I better, stop standing around
Iím not getting anything constructive done

Oh my, I hope I can do my very first job
Hope I am up to this great responsibility
But I know I donít really have to worry
For Jesus Christ is right by my side

©Donna Kramer
February 13, 2006



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Virtual Doll and Butterfly

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Music: Candle On The Water

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Permission Granted