~ An Hour With You~


Never Again, Precious Master

Never again, precious Master
Will those cruel nails be driven
Into those loving hands and precious feet
Will the load be so heavy to Mt. Calvary
Will the thorns pierce Your head so sweet.

Never again will You have to
Bow down so humble
Under such cruelty
Though You never uttered a word
When Your sweat became
As great drops of blood
As You cried out to the Father
To please forgive
For they know not what they do
Yet You let them live.

Six long hours,
You hung on the old rugged cross
What pain You must have suffered
Before You gave up the ghost
What great love hung there that day
Enough love to grace the Christian way.

I thank You, My King
To the highest mountains
To the utter most parts of the universe
For bearing the cross and hanging on the tree
For letting them crucify Thee
For giving Your life for me.

How wonderful heaven must be
For the Father to have let His Son
Bear this agonizing cruelty
To make a way for Salvation to reign
That we may want to serve the King
After hearing of the crucifixion scene.

Never again, precious Savior
Do I want to live for Satan's wiles
I want to be with You forever
Wear a robe and crown
And to be ready to go
When I hear Your trumpet sound.

Danna Robinette©





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Music: "The Ballard Of The Cross"

Copyright © 1997
By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission