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Mystical Unicorns

The beauty of the Mystical Unicorns
Roaming around the lush valleys
On the vibrant, dewy green grasses
With the brilliant color of wild flowers

Surrounds the Unicorns with lush beauty
Flowers waving back and forth in the grass
Gentle breezes blowing magnetically
Kissing the flowers, and the blades of grass

Welcoming the beautiful Unicorns
With their lovely golden hooves
Their lovely golden horns sparkling
Sparkling and glistening in the suns glow

Against the pure white of the Unicorns
Mother Unicorns and their colts prancing
Around among the lovely wild flowers
The Unicorns whinny at the beautiful smells

Of the spectacular wild flowers
Surrounding them with a large array of color
Loving the dampness of the morning dew
On their lovely golden horns and hooves

This makes the Unicorn's beauty flow
From a mystical light from heaven
To the face of the earth and back
While their beauty flashes in the night

©Donna Kramer
March 21, 2006


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Sequenced by Jack Hall
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