~ An Hour With You~

My Love For You

Holding each other so very dear,
I wipe away a shimmering tear.
I’m searching for the words to say,
So many thoughts get in the way.

I look into your dark brown eyes,
I begin to wonder, and then realize,
How much our Love has come together,
We must go on forever, and ever.

You touched my life in a special way,
A way no other could ever re pay.
The feelings we share are so very strong,
Without your Love, I just couldn’t go on.

You give me strength day after day,
I know there has to be a way,
To hold each other so very tight,
And know deep down inside it’s right.

I cherish so much, the moments we shared,
All this time how much you’ve cared.
I Love You more than words can describe,
The feeling is there, deep down inside.

A moment or two, we pause to stand,
Holding each other both hand in hand,
Whispering softly I say to you…
“I Love You”… so very true.

Wishing now you’ll always remember
We were meant to be together,
Let our love go on forever
And ever!

©Carol Facer
January 1987

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