~An Hour With You~

My Heart Speaks The Words

This poem I write is just for you,
For all the little things you do,
To make me feel so good,
And make me feel Iím special,
If anyone can, you could.

You help me see the sunshine,
Thatís high up in the sky,
You help me see the brighter side,
When all my hopes have died.

Your heart is such a gentle heart,
Your love for God it shows,
I feel the love within my heart,
In how your spirit just glows.

I canít find the words to say to you,
What a blessing you are to me,
And how I will always be your friend,
Here on earth and through eternity.

So I send along this written bouquet,
Blessings from my heart,
To let you know how precious you are,
And I hope we never do part.

Ann Hart©
April 2, 2006

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Music: "You Mean So Much To Me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission