An Hour With You~*~My Dearest Love~*~ ~ An Hour With You~

Within a candle's warm and softened glow
I look across the room and I see you.
A comfortable feeling of peace
and tranquility washes over me.

With happiness in my heart
I give thanks to the Heavenly Father.
Thankful that he brought you into my life.
How could I desire anything more
than your unconditional love.

A love that has only strengthened in time.
Throughout the years that have so swiftly passed.
Together we have laughed and cried.
Tears of happiness for the many moments of joy.

And tears of sadness suffering the deepest
pain of loss imaginable.
Hand in hand we have made it through.
We have watched as our children grew.

They have flourished.
Bringing the blessings of grandchildren into our lives.
All precious and dear to our hearts.
Contented and smiling from within.

I know that there is no where else I'd rather be.
Than here with you,
my husband, my best friend.
Forever and Always
Love Me

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
December 20, 2005



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Music: "Unchained Melody"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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