~ An Hour With You~




I cherish this moment of silence,
In the early morning dawn,
For the blessing of a brand new day,
And all the love God has shown.

A feeling of peace wraps 'round me,
As I enjoy the morning's serenity,
In this special moment of silence,
I pray to the Lord God Almighty.

I seek the forgiveness of my Father,
For any wrong I might have done,
I ask for guidance in everyday things,
I strive to grow ever closer to the Son.

The peacefulness of the dawn,
Settles o'er my joyous soul,
I feel the touch of the Lord,
Emitting from His Holy Word.

Moments of silence linger with me,
Perceive knowledge given from above,
Lord keep me close to You forever,
Wrapped securely in God's Holy Love.

Gayle Davis©
11 March 2006


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