~ An Hour With You~

Memories Of You

Lingering memories as time goes by,
of a love that I wanted, so very much.
Missing the tenderness within your voice,
and the gentleness of your touch.

Moonlight and roses,
and dancing beneath the starlight.
And how you would call me Sunshine,
in the love letters, to me you would write.

I didn't know where we stood,
and so confused was I.
Holding onto a dream, day by day,
just trying to get by.

Did you really truly love me?
This, I have always wanted to know.
Can love........really die?
For my heart says it isn't so.

Lingering memories still in my mind,
never will they depart.
There will always be a place for you,
deep within my heart.

So many things between us, left unsaid,
and our love just tossed away.
Laying here within the silence,
I wonder where you are today.

Did you find what you were looking for?
If only, you could of found it in me.
But what is done we can't undo,
and a life for us, there will never be.

The past has come and gone,
and no matter what I do.
In my heart I will always carry,
yesterday's sweet.......
Memories Of You.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 9 ~ 2006©

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Music: "I Will Always Love You(WHouston)"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission