~An Hour With You~

Lower The Staircase For Me

A friend once told me long ago,
that a rainbow which ends in the sky.
That someone was climbing the staircase to Heaven,
that explanation I would not defy.
Within the Great Celestial City I know,
how glorious it must be.
Proof in a resplendent stairway here on Earth,
this glimpse is all we can see.
Excitement overwhelms and stirs,
when a half rainbow I do see.
I marvel at the radiant raw beauty,
and happiness overflows within me.
For I know someone, has been called "Home"
to spend eternal life in eternity.
With God and all those who have gone on before,
all together, forever in unity.
One fine wondrous day,
in eternity I too, want to be.
When my journey on Earth is over,
Dear God, will you....
Lower The Staircase For Me?
©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
©May ~24~ 2006


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Music: "I Will Remember You"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission