~ An Hour With You~

Loves Heartache

Thoughts of you keep entering my mind
Wondering if Iíll ever find
That special something I use to feel
A feeling of love I knew was real.

Day by day,
Searching for a way,
To end the emptiness deep in my heart
Yet trying so hard not to fall apart.

It seems as though, I live a lie,
Trying not to cry,
Hiding all my pain away
Wishing it would go away.

Picking up the pieces, so hard to do
Thereís not a moment I donít think of you.
Hanging on to broken dreams,
Slowly falling apart at the seams.

Alone and shaking
My heart is breaking
Iím lost in love without a trace
Knowing no one can take your place.

I care for you so very much
All I wanted was your touch.
So many memories I can never forget
The times with you I wonít regret.

Worldís apartÖ
Yet close to my heart,
Thereís no forgetting you
I know my love will never escape you.

The promises we made, Iíll cherish them forever,
No matter what, Iíll Love you forever,
Youíll forever be my loveÖ
Forever be my Love.

©Carol Facer
August 19, 1987

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Firework script courtesy of Kurt Grigg

Music: "April Rain"
By: Bruce Deboer
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