~ An Hour With You~

As I watch the shadows dance against the wall,
from the flicker of candlelight.
Warm and secure, safely in your arms,
as the day turns into night.

Your love for me has healed,
this once broken heart of mine.
All of my insecurities,
all vanished within time.

Comfortable by your side,
I look back upon the journey of our life.
We've had our share of happiness, joy and triumphs,
as well as struggles, trials and strife.

We can face anything I know,
as The Father watches over us from above.
And the one thing that I'm sure of,
He has blessed us with His love.

So no matter what road we travel down,
and where ever it may lead us to.
Faith will always be there,
to help us make it through.

I will always love you,
and here is where I will stay.
By your side at the beginning
and closing of each new day.

Happiness I have found with you,
and as the candle's glow burns bright.
While we snuggle here together,
I see and feel our....
Love By Candlelight.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
April ~ 24 ~ 2006©

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Music: "Remember When"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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