~ An Hour With You~

Lost Without You

 My life has been shattered,
You have been taken from me,
How can I live without you,
You were my life, lost I will be.

All our dreams have disappeared,
Severed by the hands of a stranger,
Gone with no realization of fulfillment,
My mind is overflowing with anger.

Lost without you evermore,
A world now void of you, I'm broken,
Scars upon my lonely heart,
Words of endearment left unspoken.

I look into an abyss of loneliness,
Our future taken in a moment's time,
Your love was my life in all essence,
My world is ebony, no ray of hope is mine.

Lost Without you my precious love,
Numbness is the heart's feeling,
Forever in a vacuum I'll dwell,
Spiraling into nothingness I'm reeling.

Gayle Davis©
15 December 2005

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