~ An Hour With You~

Elegant refined splendor,
in your shade of lily-white.
Afloat within the twilight,
of a warm midsummer's night.

The gentle muted breeze,
tenderly it blows.
Aimlessly drifting the scent,
of summer's sweet wild rose.

Silently you float,
upon waters of tranquility.
Reaping in placidness,
together in unity.

Undeniable beauty,
there are no words to say.
Of the majestic loveliness,
you radiantly display.

Cloaked within your swans down,
delicate, fluffed and soft.
Indulging in paradise,
your spirits set aloft.

Leisurely wandering within,
your undivided right.
Rapturously anchored,
never craving to take flight.

Skillfully maneuvering,
about the grassy reeds.
No gloom or disappointments,
for expectations far exceed.

Committed never straying,
for you are always near.
This piece of Heaven safely guarded,
By the....
Lords Of The Mere.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
May ~ 17 ~ 2006©



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Artiest Onbekend

Music: "In This Life"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission