~ An Hour With You~

Lord, I Pray

My heart cries out to You, oh Lord,
I need You, my blessed Savior,
Help me Lord to keep my faith,
To stay strong in You, not waiver.

Give me needed strength,
Build upon this weakened soul,
Providing knowledge,
To reach my destined goal.

Guide the steps blindly taken,
Lead me sweet Jesus, upon this path,
Place a mantle of love 'round me,
Shielding my heart from hurtful wrath.

Let the words quietly spoken,
Show the love of You in my heart,
Give sapience to me Lord,
That from Your will I'll ne'er depart.

I plea Oh my wonderful Savior,
Hold me close to Your ubiquitous breast,
Forevermore be my Guiding Light,
Until with You I ultimately rest.

Gayle Davis©
02 February 2006

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 ©MagnoliaD 2006-Artwork ©Greg Olsen

Music: "Only A Prayer Away"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission