~ An Hour With You~

Lord to where You are let us be too,
In wretchedness our hearts press out,
Joyless are long days and nights that draw,
Together as expressions shout.

Downcast are we in a nothingness,
Winds blow reaping breaths that are free,
Scarcely breathing we gasp for a while,
Lord to where You are help us be.

Heaviness presses onward to reach,
Depths unbeknownst to us blindly,
Striking trying to crush the Spirit,
But depths of Your love touch to be.

O’ the pain, the pain of sufferings,
The anguish pounding to be free,
As horrendous cries deliver life,
Lord to where You are help us be.

We cry, we shout, we need You for life,
We loathe intensely misery,
We are in a nothingness but grasp,
And hold You here with us to be.

You have our hearts, our love forever,
O’ will You but touch and stir free,
Quicken us to overcome and live,
Lord to where You are help us be.

©Sondra McPherson
01 April 2006


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