~An Hour With You~

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Little Girls And Butterflies
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In a wide open lush emerald green meadow,
lavishly decorated with,
bright amber golden sunny black eyed Susans.
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A small group of free spirited little girls joyfully laugh,
as they playfully jump and dart about.
Intrigued, my eyes drink in a delightful sight.
Whole heartedly they chase and try to catch butterflies.
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The butterflies with their silken wings,
gracefully silently flutter.
Timidly they hover just out of the girls tip toed reach.
Tempting and teasing.
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All the while jubilant repetitions of little girls laughter,
echoes throughout the meadow.
By dodging and reversion the butterflies make their get away.
Reluctant to become a prized treasure.
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Defeated and energy dwindled the girls surrender.
Off they head across the meadow still laughing and giggling.
With happiness and joy flooding my heart,
a smile creeps upon my face and I think to myself,
Little Girls And Butterflies.
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Elizabeth Ann Bushey©

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August, 2002Copyright ©

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Music: "This Magic Moment"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission

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