~ An Hour With You~

Out beyond the pale blue sky,
past the fluff of clouds of white.
Bathed within the glory,
of The Father's divine light.

Angelic little angel,
your home, Heaven above.
So sweet and beautiful you are,
with your cooing snow white dove.

With sparkling eyes of sapphire,
and wispy locks of golden hair.
So pretty as it softly curls,
surrounding your face so fair.

You as cute as you can be,
with wings of angels down.
Encircled in heavenly beauty,
with flowers all around.

The light within you shines so bright,
like the smile upon your face.
Forevermore adorned in love,
with the blessings of His grace.

To stay for all eternity,
in Heaven, up above.
So precious to The Father, the,
Little Angel And Her Dove.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey

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Graphic Artist Unknown
Love To Give Credit

Music: "A Summer Place"

 Sequenced By: Dan West
 Used With Permission