~ An Hour With You~


Just you and me beside the sea,
Quiet waters washing the shore,
We are living in the thrill of love,
Praying it will be forever more.

Just you and me together,
Cherishing the time granted,
Basking in the love flowing,
Thankful for a love so enchanted.

Just you and me forever in love,
Reeling in its glowing flame,
Enjoying life to the fullest,
With God's blessings we sustain.

Just you and me all alone,
Thankful for the time thus given,
Hearts bound in eternal love,
Devotedly by sweet love driven.

Just you and me facing tomorrow,
Eager for the future to unfold,
Seeking God's guidance to follow,
Striving to walk the path He molds.

ęGayle Davis
07 January 2006


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Music: "My True Love" (W&M Jack Scott)

Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission