~ An Hour With You~

In The Vineyard

Reigning in the vineyard with Jesus
What glory fills my soul
As we trod the winepress together
When my spirit is brought low.

In the vineyard His presence
Lifts the dew from the sweet fruit of the vine
Lord spill Your wine upon my vesture
Let my heart and soul entwine
With the beauties of Your vineyard
Let me feel I'm Yours and You're mine.

You're my tower in midst of the vineyard
My labor for You is love
You're peace upon my mantle
Your threshing gentle as the dove.

Forever a branch of the Precious Vine
When I ate of the bread as His body
And drank of His blood as the wine
Let me forever abide in the vineyard
With Jesus' hand in mine.

Dwelling in the vineyard
Let the wild grapes fall by the way
May our vintage be nurtured with fruits of His spirit
Cling to He who puts the sweetness in our day
He who puts the new song in our hearts
He who builds the trellis to lean on
Will never lead astray.

Danna Robinette

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Music: "Hear My Prayer"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.