~ An Hour With You~

In the garden spa of God's love
Dwells all serenity and peace from above
I love to enter into His peaceful rest
With God's arms around me and feel His tranquil Bliss

And be carried away from worries of the day
To be with my God when Satan comes my way
How peaceful His touch, how loving His arms
How gracious His promises to keep us from harm

How blessed to feel burdens turn to joy
When we enter the garden spa of God's glory
How beautiful to see the trees all of crystal
And the flowing waters of love begin to ripple

When the bright rays of the Son feel so close
That we can reach out and touch His hem of gold
When we can love our enemies in the Gardener's cove
How sweet to dwell among the lilies
Near God's wondrous grove

How tender the grass of the meadows in the spa from above
How precious the workmanship by God's hands of love
To sit and commune with the One I love
How I long to dwell in the garden spa of His love

Sweet glory fills the air when I am with Him there
The sweetest fragrance filled with care
No other place had I rather be
Than in the garden spa of love, just God and me

How precious, how divine to be one of His kind
How calm when He says
I shall forever take care of mine
Learn of my ways child and I will lead Thee
In Him how sweet the low voice, how loving, how free

How pure the streams of living water flow to me
When God's angels fly and my soul entwines with plea
May we ever retreat to the garden spa of God's love
Where we can dwell in His peace
And our soul bathe in His love

©Danna Robinette












Music: "Eclipses Of The Heart"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.